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German Air Force procures SINA within the context of HaFIS

[Essen, 28 May 2015] The German Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) has commissioned secunet with the supply of over 250 SINA components. The devices are being procured within the context of the "enhanced IT equipment" of the German Air Force's C4I system and will be supplied by the end of the third quarter 2015. The order volume lies in the mid-single millions range.

The procurement of SINA components for the Air Force part in the combined armed forces' C4I system of the German armed forces is being carried out within the context of HaFIS. With this programme, the German armed forces are comprehensively harmonising and migrating their C4I systems, which are used for the planning, implementation and evaluation of national and multi-national deployments.

The items to be supplied for the Air Force include the SINA L3 Box H, which is used by the German armed forces – particularly in the C4I systems – as a virtual private network gateway, and the multi-session-capable client SINA Workstation H. These SINA systems are core components in high-security networks and enable the processing, transmission and storage of classified data up to and including "GEHEIM", "NATO SECRET" or "SECRET EU" level.

The secure inter-network architecture (SINA) is a high-security solution, which secunet has jointly developed with the German Office for Information Security (BSI). SINA has been successfully used for many years by public authorities and armed forces in particular.