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Bare.ID and secunet present a new integrated solution for more security in login and authentication processes

As new partners, Bare.ID GmbH and secunet Security Networks AG are pooling their expertise and revolutionising the identity and access management market in Germany with their integrated solution. The combination of the single sign-on SaaS Bare.ID and the multi-factor authentication application secunet protect4use offers maximum protection for digital identities.

The Bare.ID solution enables companies and public institutions to make login and authentication processes more secure and yet user-friendly. The SaaS solution based on the complex open source IAM framework Keycloak works according to the highest security standards and is hosted, managed and operated by the company of the same name exclusively in and from Germany - 100% GDPR-compliant. Bare.ID is now expanding the multi-factor authentication options available to include the particularly secure and at the same time user-friendly variant secunet protect4use, which complies with both BSI guidelines and industry-specific legal requirements and also enables multi-level logins and passwordless as well as out-of-band authentication at the highest level of security.

The increasing number of cyberattacks as well as extended legal requirements make multi-factor authentication for the protection of digital identities, which goes beyond a simple login procedure with user name and password, indispensable. When choosing among the many authentication options, there is often a balancing act between security, user-friendliness and costs. In this regard, secunet's solution stands out because it meets the highest security requirements and is extremely user-friendly. By mapping all relevant platforms for desktop and mobile devices, including all relevant browsers, all user groups are reached. The solution is secured with strong cryptography.

The integrated solution enables convenient single sign-on for all users after appropriate authentication and is maximally protected by the inclusion of secunet protect4use authentication. The Bare.ID SaaS interface is particularly user-friendly and all login processes can be managed centrally and securely. For customers, this means that time-consuming integration projects are no longer necessary and instead they can benefit from the highest security standards with just a few clicks. Both partners also rely on 100 per cent German data sovereignty and map the highest German security requirements and standards by design, which is why the solution can be used in compliance with regulations even in highly regulated industries.

The team of experts behind the combined solution brings together Keycloak, cybersecurity and cloud operation experts who, through years of experience in consulting and development, have extensive knowledge regarding the necessary security standards.