Secure Web Solutions

Establishing trust with secure online services for citizens

24/7 online customer service, no queues, no counter closing times: Nowadays, citizens and companies deal with official processes on a daily basis. Government online services enable processes to be carried out regardless of time and place. To ensure that these are also successful, we design the transmission of personal data in your citizen portals to be secure and convenient.
The electronic way to the authority not only proves citizen proximity, but also reduces costs and maximizes efficiency for the entire public sector.

Security for both sides

For public authorities as providers of electronic services, it is important to be able to identify applicants securely in order to issue information personalized to them or to accept applications. The citizen or company on the other side of the communication must trust that their data will be transmitted securely and treated confidentially.

The integration of authentication, encryption and electronic signature for web applications via certificate-based procedures should remain simple and lean - easy to implement and largely automated in subsequent use. This is exactly what we offer our solution modules for. The modern SOA architectures and consistent use of international standards guarantee you flexibility and investment security.

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Do you still have questions about Secure Web Solutions?

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