Current information about the coronavirus

For secunet, it is a top priority to protect the health of employees, customers, partners and the public as well as to comply with the relevant recommendations of the authorities. We would like to take this opportunity to inform our customers, partners and staff about the most important measures and how secunet is currently reacting to the effects of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic in all areas of the company. secunet continues to be a reliable and efficient supplier Up to now, there have only been minor restrictions due to the spread of the coronavirus, which affect secunet's business operations or the delivery of products. Our ability to deliver at the present time within the generally scheduled time frames is given. Consulting projects will continue undisturbed to the full extent that mobile workstations and the use of telephone and video conferences allow. We currently refrain from on-site meetings and personal visits as far as possible. We are aware that this can change daily. We have implemented far-reaching measures to ensure that our delivery and performance capability is maintained as far as possible. We are constantly in close contact with our suppliers to identify potential supply bottlenecks in real time. Continuous coordination also takes place within secunet across all operational business units. secunet is preparing for delays both in the supply chain and in production. This includes preventive stock orders in order to reduce supply shortages as far as possible. Despite all precautions, however, against the background of the current dynamic development, it cannot be excluded that short-term changes within the supply chains may occur. Of course, we will inform our customers immediately of any changes in delivery situations. To enable us to continue to plan as best we can under the given circumstances in the interest of our customers, we ask our customers to constantly review their requirements and communicate potential orders at an early stage.

Agile crisis management

We have set up a crisis management team that monitors and evaluates all coronavirus-related developments relevant to us and our customers and partners. It also decides on suitable emergency measures and procedures and controls their implementation. The crisis committee meets regularly and is also able to determine appropriate measures even in the event of very short-term developments.

Travel activities significantly restricted

In response to the pandemic, we have sharply reduced our travel activities. Foreign travel is prohibited until further notice, domestic business trips will be limited to the bare essentials and will only ever be undertaken in careful consultation with our customers and partners. Instead of physical meetings, we are increasingly using digital channels for coordination with our customers and partners and within the company.

Working from home is the standard

Currently, working from home is the standard procedure at secunet. Even before the corona pandemic became known, secunet already had regulations for mobile workplaces. Therefore, our employees are used to working away from their sites. The required infrastructure is available and is secured in such a way that the security level does not alter during mobile working.

We continuously monitor the situation and the current framework conditions. In doing so, we adapt our measures at any time in line with requirements. We will keep this website up to date at all times to keep our customers, partners and staff informed at all times. If you have any questions, your contact persons will be available as usual. We thank you for your trust in secunet and wish you, your families and colleagues all the best and, above all, good health in these turbulent times.

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