secunet supports Liechtenstein in digitizing its administration

secunet supports Liechtenstein in digitizing its administration

The Liechtenstein government relies on secunet software modules for its infrastructure for electronic identity documents (eID). The Office for Migration and Passports (APA) together with the Office for Information Technology (AI) of the Liechtenstein National Administration are responsible for this topic.

The Liechtenstein National Administration relies on secunet eID PKI Suite

With its headquarter in Vaduz, the APA is the responsible office for issuing electronic identity documents, while the AI acts as IT service provider for the Liechtenstein National Administration, administration-related organizations, schools and individual municipalities in the country.

The electronic identity documents are protected by a public key infrastructure (PKI). The PKI issues certificates that protect the data stored on the chip of the eID against manipulation as well as unauthorized access and enable an efficient verification.

secunet provides the software module Country Verifying Certification Authority (CVCA) for this infrastructure, including a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) interface. The CVCA is the basis of the EAC-infrastructure. The SPOC, as a central interface, enables certificate exchange on a national and international level and thus ensures communication with other countries. Both modules are part of secunet's comprehensive PKI offering, the secunet eID PKI Suite.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, secunet experts installed the PKI system completely via remote access. In this way, the training of the employees of the two offices was also carried out remotely. The solution is tailored exactly to the customer's needs and integrated directly into the system architecture. Following the successful implementation of the project, the Liechtenstein National Administration now operates the CVCA independently and provides the SPOC interface. Thanks to the comprehensive functionality of the system, the office benefits from maximum security and makes another important contribution to the digitization of Liechtenstein's administration.

secunet eID PKI Suite
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