Zurich Cantonal Police

Border Control "New Generation" - Europe's most state-of-the-art border control system for Zurich Airport

With the aim of being able to implement EU regulations in the long term, better handle high passenger traffic levels, and make the border control process at the Schengen Area borders more intuitive, the Zurich Cantonal Police awarded secunet within the project "Greko NG" the role of general contractor for the delivery of a new, modular border control system for the roughly 100 workstations at Zurich Airport.

The existing technical border control infrastructure was fully replaced, with secunet biomiddle forming the central interface of the new solution. The secunet biomiddle middleware not only serves as an interface between passport and fingerprint reader devices, the border control application of the police officers, and the background systems, but is also the standard-compliant core component that ensures the modularity of the complete solution.

The highlight of the new system is the border control application; based on secunet bocoa, it has been tailored and developed to meet the needs of the Zurich Cantonal Police. Thanks to the ergonomic design of the control system user interface, the border control officers always have the most important data to hand when checking travellers' identities. The system supports them throughout the entire control process, reducing the workload of the officers in their function of securing the country's borders.

The new border control system now extensively checks electronic and optical data from all official and machine-readable documents. Around 350 employees received training prior to the roll-out of the new system and were familiarised with the new processes. Thanks to the modularity of the border control system, the Zurich Cantonal Police is now able to effortlessly implement future Schengen projects such as the "Entry Exit System" (EES) or the "Registered Traveller Programme" (RTP).