German Military Representative

SINA for a secure and performant access to different networks

The German Military Representative (DMV) to the Military Committee / NATO, European Union and Western European Union opted for the use of the SINA Thin Client.

The project implementation involved these special challenges:

  • Providing access to server areas classified as national, NATO and EU with strict separation of information ("multi-level separation")
  • Ensuring reliable performance of the connection between the DMV in Brussels and the German Federal Ministry of Defence in Bonn or Berlin.

SINA Thin Clients consist of a diskless standard PC with TEMPEST and manipulation protection plus a network interface and smart card reader. The client's system boots from a CD-ROM as a secure medium. Up to six different terminal server sessions can be configured on a SINA Thin Client.SINA has been used successfully by the DMV since 2007. Performant access to the available subnetworks is possible for more than 50 users, even during peak periods. Notebook-based SINA Virtual Workstations are being tested for connection of mobile users.