German Air Force

Replacement of old and cost-intensive crypto components by SINA

In the project of remodelling the communication infrastructure of the German Air Force with the complex DP-system SINA (Secure Inter-Network Architecture), the existing cost-intensive and out-dated crypto components were replaced as a first step. In close cooperation with the customer, the SINAvpn-LAN architectures for the executive information systems of the German Air Force, are planned and implemented by secunet.

The essential basis for the development is secunet's comprehensive IT security concept focusing on SINA. Furthermore, the development of an operational concept specifying requirements for secure operation of the security mechanisms and customising them to the security requirements of the customer is another part of the implementation. Additionally, employees of the German Air Force are trained in handling the relevant security mechanisms. The project is permanently accompanied in all its phases by a team of secunet's consultants.

The customers’ advantages at a glance:

  • Replacement of a cost-intensive, proprietary and, furthermore, of only mediocre performance, technology which was used to secure the communication of the executive information system of the German Air Force and which no longer complied with current demands to performance
  • Significant reduction of communication costs by employing SINA technology based on standard hardware
  • Automation of processes and simplified handling for administrators enabling large-scale roll outs of the technology
  • Reduction of administrative cost and formalities