Feasibility study on ERRIDS

secunet develops a demonstrator realising the "European Regional Renegade Information Dissemination System (ERRIDS)" for Eurocontrol in Brussels. The SINA secured ERRIDS-network provides a common information platform for all involved organisations which have to deal with interferences of civil air traffic by terrorists, i.e. the hijacking of air planes. Apart from NATO the list of involved organisations in Europe includes among others national ministries, national police, intelligence services, civil and military air traffic services, EUROPOL and various European airlines. All parties are connected by the ERRIDS-network which is secured by means of SINA clients and boxes. Information sharing within ERRIDS rests upon a strictly 'need-to-know' principle enforced by SINA's smartcard-based strong authentication mechanisms and the PKI-based SINA Online Management. Secure and fast information exchange, a shared consistent database and the connection of all involved parties will enable a quick de-escalation in case of false alarms as well as immediate and coordinated reaction in serious situations. Besides the underlying SINA infrastructure, secunet also develops the application and central databases for information dissemination together with Eurocontrol.