protect4use complements authega

Secure and user-friendly authentication for Mitarbeiterservice Bayern

The authega authentication service provides administrative employees in Bavaria with secure access to web-based specialized procedures. The login to the Bavarian citizen service portal (BayernID) can also be done via authega - as an alternative to using the electronic ID card.

Until now, authentication at authega was mainly done via certificate files, which are additionally secured with a password. Now protect4use can be used instead. The passwordless multi-factor authentication is not only particularly secure and compliant with data protection requirements, but also very user-friendly. Administrative employees can thus conveniently use a smartphone app to log in to the specialized procedures via authega.

This increases user acceptance, as logging in via the familiar fingerprint or face recognition on mobile devices is more convenient. In addition, the tried-and-tested technology works on all relevant platforms and browsers as well as on desktop and mobile devices.

In the first stage, 80,000 employees of the Bavarian administration will receive secure access to the "Mitarbeiterservice Bayern" portal. In the future, up to 300,000 administrative employees will be able to use a secure and convenient login with protect4use.