Cooperation in the telematics field

gematik has overall responsibility for the telematics infrastructure (TI), the central platform for digital applications in the German healthcare system. By defining and enforcing binding standards for services, components and applications in the TI, gematik ensures that the central infrastructure is and remains secure, efficient and user-friendly.

An elementary part of the TI are the so-called connectors, which establish a secure connection between the service providers and the TI, or the specialised services located there. In addition, the connectors take on other functions, such as the connection of card readers, the signature of documents and data, as well as the pre-processing and securing of data for individual specialist services.
secunet is one of three manufacturers of the connectors and is currently the market leader in this segment. Since the start of the project in 2017, secunet has been working closely with gematik on the implementation of the connectors, specialist services and infrastructure services for the TI 2.0 in order to drive forward the further development of the TI.