AMANA Consulting GmbH

Execution of several pentests incl. retests

AMANA Consulting provides customers worldwide with leading software solutions & services for accounting, controlling & taxes.

AMANA planned a certification according to the international ISO27001 standard and introduced an information security management system (ISMS) in the company for this purpose. In order to meet the resulting IT security requirements, secunet initially conducted a review of parts of the IT infrastructure in the form of a multi-stage penetration test. In order to increase the IT security level in the long term, the remediation of the vulnerabilities found was reviewed and additional systems were gradually included in the scope of the pentest.

The initial penetration test was carried out as a basic check in conjunction with a web portal analysis. secunet supported AMANA Consulting in an advisory capacity and carried out the penetration test.

Just one year after the initial pentest, a re-test was carried out to check whether the vulnerabilities had been successfully eliminated.