Test lab for IT-conformity

Accredited test lab for IT-conformity and certified IT security provider

secunet operates an independent test center that is recognized by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) to perform technical conformity tests.

Our laboratory is set up in accordance with the internationally applicable specifications for test laboratories and meets the requirements of DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 27001 based on IT-Grundschutz. With the certification as an IT security service provider for federal authorities, the BSI has also certified that we have the necessary trustworthiness and competence to support authorities in the creation and implementation of security concepts according to IT-Grundschutz as well as the corresponding revisions.

We support companies, public authorities and federal agencies in providing qualitative, functional and security-related proof of suitability for products or systems and in successfully passing approval procedures. The independent infrastructure of our laboratory and our highly qualified colleagues guarantee our customers reliable test results that are recognized by public authorities.

Our customers benefit from a fast, efficient introduction of their products to the market and confirmation of the effectiveness of their processes.

Our offer as a recognized test center and certified IT service provider

Checking security and conformity is of the highest importance, particularly for electronic ID documents such as the electronic passport (ePass). In the testing-field of ePass/eID, secunet offers manufacturers of chips, chip-systems and passports as well as public authorities to check personalised documents and their components, for example inlays. This is based on BSI TR-03105. In this framework, secunet conducts the tests of the logical layers of electronic passports (layer 6 and 7). In close cooperation with an accredited partner-lab, we also offer our clients to conduct conformity-tests for the physical layers according to Part II of Guideline TR-03105 (RF-communication).

Identity documents must be verified at international borders worldwide, which requires interoperability. To ensure interoperability, conformance testing based on standards is necessary for both identity documents and readers. The conformity testing laboratory at secunet offers manufacturers of eID terminals and inspection systems conformity tests (application, SDK) in accordance with BSI TR-03105 Part 5 in order to receive a BSI certification.

Several manufacturers of document readers have already used the testing services of the testing laboratory and successfully certified their products.

For the usage of electronic identity documents (eIDs) in online business processes a specific software on the eID holder's computer and/or mobile system connects the document itself and the online services that are authorised to have access to it. BSI TR-03124 specifies numerous technical details that are to be implemented in the so-called eID client software for Online-Authentication between an eService and national eID cards, e.g. the German eID card or the German electronic residence permit. On the side of the service provider an eID server according to BSI TR-03130 is used.

Our service in the field of conformity of eID clients or eID servers addresses providers of such software. Ultimately, secunet's test-report confirms their products to run correctly, securely and interoperable with all the other respective components within the eID infrastructure and is therefore a decisive element for the BSI-certification process.

Information Security Revision (IS-Revision) is part of every successful information security management. Only through regular testing of established security mechanisms and the information security process can statements be made about their effective implementation, up-to-dateness, completeness and appropriateness – and with that, about the current state of information security.

IS-Revision thus is a tool for determining, achieving and maintaining an appropriate security-level in an institution. Our tests aim at improving information security, at preventing false developments, and at optimising the profitability of security mechanisms and processes.

We are certified by the BSI

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