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SINA Cloud

Sovereign. Compliant with classified information. Efficient in operation. The VS Cloud for the public sector.
With SINA Cloud, the modernization of administration also succeeds in handling classified information in the cloud. Classified information directive-compliant security, tools for efficient operation and open standards through open source provide the perfect platform for existing applications and cloud-native applications.

The classified information cloud for the public sector.

SINA Cloud combines pioneering security mechanisms with open source technology (Kubernetes, OpenStack) to create a robust cloud stack that can be operated on-premise.


Uncompromisingly secure,
flexibly scalable

The SINA Cloud combines a security layer with approved components and a cloud orchestration layer. The functional scope of this cloud can be flexibly expanded and updated without compromising VSA compliance. This architecture ensures unlimited functionality and scalability of the cloud stack and offers an architectural security advantage over subsequently hardened cloud platforms.

Focus on operation

In addition to approval for classified information, SINA Cloud focuses on automated, easy-to-administer cloud operation. Modern cloud technology can be used confidently and securely on-premise, and the operating concept is highly standardized. Numerous resilience mechanisms ensure high availability and efficiency. YAOOK optimizes and automates the entire life cycle management of the cloud stack.


Welcome to the classified information ecosystem

SINA is the digital infrastructure developed in collaboration with the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for secure and efficient working with sensitive or classified data. The ecosystem comprises secure clients (smartphones, laptops, desktops), applications and crypto gateways for customized security for public authorities and administrations - from VS-NfD classification to classified SECRET.

SINA Cloud extends this proven security architecture with a modern cloud platform.

The core idea of the cloud is the virtualized and shared use of resources such as servers, networks and storage. By using open source technology, the SINA Cloud enables the simple and scalable provision of virtual resources for the operation of cloud services. This architecture is ideal for operators who need to map multiple clients in a community cloud without limiting the cloud services.

SINA Cloud is currently undergoing the approval process at the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). The completion of this process will be a decisive milestone for the broad and service-independent use of the SINA Cloud for processing classified information such as VS-NfD to SECRET.

secunet has already successfully demonstrated that it can implement VSA compliance with a cloud product solution and plays a leading role in the R-VSK federal measure of the Foreign Office's IT abroad. secuview article with Dr. Egedy

Use Case Examples for SINA Cloud

Thanks to the modular structure of the overall solution, a wide range of application areas are possible, including those that may only become relevant in the near future. SINA Cloud impresses with its flexibility across a wide range of application areas and can also be adapted to specific industry use cases, as the following practical examples show.

Authorities & administration

The established offerings of hyperscalers should be supplemented by digitally sovereign cloud offerings from Europe in order to minimize political risks and prevent dependencies on individual providers, which contributes to increasing the resilience of national IT. The SINA Cloud stands for the use of cloud technologies with high data protection requirements, especially for the implementation of state and sovereign IT services.

As a security-hardened solution based on open source, SINA Cloud offers full control and data sovereignty over the technology used and the required operating mode - whether "on premise" for a dedicated private cloud or in established operator models with multiple customers with strict cryptographic client separation. SINA Cloud provides specialist processes, web portals, online services and collaboration tools with a fully auditable and innovative basis.

Police and disaster control

The police and security authorities rely on fast and legally compliant communication, and not only in the event of disasters or complex situations. Day-to-day work is carried out via digital public authority radio. Messenger apps are also becoming increasingly established, albeit away from WhatsApp and the like. 

The infrastructure of the security authorities is usually operated by state-owned IT providers to ensure full control over the data. Messenger apps such as stashcat are administered centrally and the associated apps are installed on police-owned or private (BYOD) cell phones. SINA Cloud offers a reliable cloud computing platform on which these services can run and be operated in a legally compliant manner.

Armed forces and external security

The freestyle in the area of data security is the handling of classified information. These are classified by sovereign authorities and include sensitive administrative documents, military mission data or state secrets. Extremely restrictive security measures are applied to protect this information, which go far beyond the requirements in the private sector. At the same time, they form the basis of government action. The SINA Cloud infrastructure layer, based on a hardened open source approach and comprehensive security features, has been specially developed to enable the secure, confidential and tamper-proof handling of classified information up to SECRET classification in a multi-tenant cloud environment.

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