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SINA Workflow approved by BSI for use for information classified up to SECRET

[Essen, Germany, 24 August 2020] SINA Workflow, secunet's solution for end-to-end digital processing of classified information (CI), has received a release recommendation (“Freigabeempfehlung”) from the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) up to and including the German classification level GEHEIM (SECRET). With the release recommendation (BSI-VSA-10158), SINA Workflow is currently the only evaluated and holistic solution for digital CI document management including CI registration.

SINA Workflow allows customers to create, register and manage CI documents entirely digitally and to distribute them securely within their own organisation in accordance with the "need-to-know" principle. The solution ensures that for each piece of classified information in the system there is reliable proof of which processing and administrative steps have been implemented with it. Users are relieved from the regulation overhead. Digital processes (workflows) within the solution enable collaborative work on documents and central modelling of recurring processes such as co-signatures. Organisation-specific processes can also be mapped. Users can completely dispense with paper-dependent steps in CI processing.

In administration, SINA Workflow has the potential to significantly simplify the entirety of digital CI processing. National and international authorities can benefit from the solution as it can speed up the handling of classified information many times over.

In the GEHEIM (SECRET) classification environment, SINA Workflow builds on the tried-and-tested SINA Workstation H. This means that existing customers can use the solution with their existing SINA crypto clients.

secunet aims to achieve general approval very soon for one of the next versions. Thanks to the release recommendation issued, SINA Workflow can already be used for information classified up to GEHEIM (SECRET).

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