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secunet protect4use: No chance for the "Godfather" Trojan

The secunet protect4use online authentication solution ensures a secure login and protects against cyber threats - including the "Godfather" malware. This Trojan harms bank customers by tapping login data in banking apps on Android devices and transmitting it to criminals. With login processes that are based on secunet protect4use, however, its mode of operation fails and the data theft is thwarted.

The login data that "Godfather" reads and transmits include, for example, the combination of user name and password or TANs that are transmitted via SMS. This does not work with secunet protect4use: while login processes with this solution are also based on the principle of two-factor authentication – i.e. the combination of two individual factors, one of which is based on knowledge and one on possession – this combination is generated in the keystore of the Android operating system. The factors are not transferable and can only be verified by an authenticated secunet protect4use server. Therefore, even if the malware is on the smartphone, it is not possible for it to carry out authorisation or authentication by means of the app.

secunet protect4use for companies and authorities

secunet's authentication solution supports a wide range of scenarios that go far beyond logging on to a web service. Examples include the audit-proof authorisation of transactions such as online bank transfers or the electronic submission of digitally signed data or documents. For this purpose, the flexible solution provides a wide range of authentication methods - with or without hardware tokens. secunet protect4use can be effortlessly integrated into all online services and thus offers the ideal basis for digital transformation in public administration, but also in companies such as insurance companies or banks.

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