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secunet is developing a sovereign cloud ecosystem tailored to public authorities

secunet, Germany's leading cybersecurity company, is developing a cloud ecosystem for public authorities and companies with the highest security requirements. The basic system is already available, and further building blocks will be added gradually. As an IT partner of German federal ministries and other national and international government institutions (e.g. German Armed Forces, Swiss Customs, NATO), secunet's cloud offering integrates, among other things, government-specific requirements for security, sovereignty, flexibility and interoperability at the development stage. The comprehensive cloud offering is tailored for information and processes classified as sensitive; from GDPR-compliant to VS-NfD to the classification SECRET.

The secunet cloud is built entirely on open standards and is compatible with the SINA infrastructures already existing in numerous public authorities, which were also developed by secunet, as well as the Microsoft Office programs and cloud-native specialist applications used. At the same time, the secunet cloud allows seamless multi-cloud operation together with its own public cloud offering, which has already proven itself with several hundred customers, as well as with its own highly secure on-premise cloud. Both of secunet's cloud offerings can be combined with solutions from hyperscalers, for example, to integrate applications and data with lower protection requirements.

First-ever BSI approval intended for cloud stack

Together with Kubernetes specialist SysEleven, which was acquired in 2022, and based on the secure open source platform SecuStack, the cloud ecosystem will be developed as a highly secure on-premise solution by the end of 2023 and aligned with the requirements of public-sector users. The secunet Cloud Solutions business unit is responsible for implementing the project. The next milestones secunet is aiming for are the industry's first approval of a cloud stack for classified information by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and a test certificate in accordance with the BSI's C5 criteria catalog.

On the safe side with changeover scenario and investments

" A successful digital transformation of public administration is closely linked to the ability to use sensitive and classified information in the cloud. Within the next two years, we will develop a cloud infrastructure that will enable the public sector to meet all necessary security requirements and gradually replace existing on-premise applications," says Norbert Müller, Vice President Cloud Solutions at secunet.

"This option for a gradual transformation is extremely important, especially in the public sector environment, as investments already made are protected and an sudden change from on-premise to private cloud would be unrealistic there due to the highest demands on availability," Norbert Müller continues.

About secunet Cloud Solutions

Already in 2018, secunet introduced the highly secure open source-based cloud platform SecuStack, which the company had developed together with Cloud&Heat. This was followed in 2022 by the acquisition of cloud-native and Kubernetes specialist SysEleven, which also operates its own ISO 27001-certified data centers in Germany. secunet bundles its cloud offerings in the secunet Cloud Solutions business unit, whose portfolio spans the areas of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS / Kubernetes) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and is constantly being expanded. The aim is to provide a broad range of independent cloud services that can serve all security levels from GDPR-compliant to SECRET. The business unit is directed by Norbert Müller, who was previously key to the successful expansion of secunet's collaboration with the public sector on cybersecurity solutions.

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