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secunet protect4use: Digital Keyring for Access to Web Portals

[Essen, Germany, 14 November 2018] Operators of web portals and online services can offer their users secure and convenient authentication with secunet protect4use. The new app for android and iOS transforms smartphones into digital keyrings which portal users can use to verify their identity and therefore their access authorisation. Alternatively, users can also authenticate themselves using other security mechanisms such as soft tokens, USB tokens, or smart cards.

secunet protect4use enables secure access to employee and customer portals operated by public authorities, or suppliers of energy, telecommunications, or insurance for example. In home banking scenarios, both the login process and two-factor authentication with secunet protect4use can be used for secure transactions which were previously processed using TAN procedures. The high level of security that the solution offers enables many usage possibilities, for example in authentication to comply with the written form requirement in citizens’ portals, the triggering of remote signatures, or the encryption and signature of data. The flexible client/server solution provides both the user and the portal operator with a wide range of convenient login options, including secure multi-factor and multi-channel authentication.

The architecture of secunet protect4use makes its integration into existing IT systems particularly straightforward; parallel operation is also possible. The system is easy to use, with simple and intuitive operation across all platforms. Barriers to entry are low, as are operating and maintenance costs. The application transfers all transaction and user data in encrypted form, while control and sovereignty of the identity data remains fully with the user and the portal operator.

The authentication solution can be used regardless of browser and operating system, and enables the use of all token types supported by the respective platform. To facilitate this, a patent-registered procedure is applied which – in addition to authentication – also enables signatures and encryption. In the newly developed app, users are authenticated based on PIN input or fingerprint, depending on the smartphone model.

The secunet protect4use app is available to download now from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Clients for Windows, Linux and MacOS are also available. Together with secunet, operators of web portals and online services can flexibly develop possible uses tailored to their users’ requirements.