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secunet: Further BSI Certification for SINA Virtual Workstation B

SINA VW B now also certified as "Classified - CONFIDENTIAL"[Essen, June 30, 2011] The mobile encryption system SINA Virtual Workstation B now offers fields of application that extend further than the existing national certification for "Classified - for official use only" (VS-NfD). The new certification also covers the operation of an offline session classified as "CONFIDENTIAL" as well as the operation of an online thin client session in a secure network for this classification level.

Authorities are constantly faced with the major challenge of enabling mobile and flexible access to classified data for their employees. In the authority environment, data is allocated in a security classification according to its need for protection and requires special handling. For example, it can only be stored, edited or transmitted using devices that are certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for the corresponding security classification.

SINA Virtual Workstation B was developed to secure such mobile scenarios. The system is a notebook with an operating system (SINA Linux) that has a comprehensive approach to security. It is comprised of the secure system platform, Smartcard-based user authentication, a fully encrypted file system, an option for VPN-secured communication, and virtualization software.

Employees can use the system to work securely even with classified data via network access – in a flexible and mobile manner. The special feature of the SINA Virtual Workstation B is the intelligent combination of various security measures in one device. This makes it easy to use and reduces administrative outlay. All security settings are made via central SINA Management.

The security philosophy incorporated into the SINA Virtual Workstation B is based on the complete encapsulation of all components that come into contact with sensitive data – this is what the virtualization software is used for.

Virtualization allows all guest operating systems including existing application software to be used. At the same time, the data is protected against unauthorized access if the computer is lost or stolen.

SINA Virtual Workstation B is offered together with various standard commercial notebook models at a very attractive price.

Previously, data up to the level "Classified - for official use only" could be securely saved, transmitted, and edited when on the move. The number of integrated security measures in one overall solution and the possibility of strictly separating sensitive/classified areas and open communication are features that are unique to the product.

The new certification highlights the high level of security of the SINA Virtual Workstation. Users can now transport and locally edit data classified as national "CONFIDENTIAL" on a standard commercial notebook without giving up the advantages of the mobile, secure access to "Classified - for official use only" networks they are used to.