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secunet at CeBIT 2017: Cyber Security as an Enabler

[Essen, 3 March 2017] Advanced management, electronic identities, critical infrastructures and intelligent border control are the key subjects in digitisation, and all require trustworthy IT security. At CeBIT in Hanover, secunet Security Networks AG will be presenting cyber security solutions which are suitable for meeting current challenges in government as well as society and business.

IT security solutions from secunet are built on the foundation of more than 20 years of experience. Its product range encompasses all facets of cyber security, with a particular focus on public utility providers, security authorities and military organisations. Operators of critical infrastructures also benefit from the company's many years of expertise, as IT security is a key precursor for new, secure processes and the basis for high-performing networks.

SINA – high-performing and highly secure
A significant increase in the encryption capacity of the new SINA L3 Box is achieved using a new FPGA component provided by the company Mellanox, and visitors to CeBIT can find out more live, on-site. Network test systems will be putting pressure on this equipment in the secunet lab, and measuring throughput rates of over 100 Gbit/s.

The SINA Workstation and SINA Tablet feature high flexibility and productivity, whilst also offering a high level of security. Many federal agencies already operate a workplace that is both advanced and secure as standard when handling classified data, giving users the freedom to benefit from the advantages of digitisation. secunet will be presenting a range of hardware variants at CeBIT, including new ultramobile models.

The two SINA Remote Admin Server and SINA SOLID functions significantly reduce the cost and effort required for administration in large and complex security architectures. The SINA Remote Admin Server enables centralised remote configuration of SINA Workstations in the context of the whole company. Very large and flexible IPsec networks can be automatically configured with SINA SOLID – whilst also increasing performance.

SINA Workflow
The SINA Workflow system solution guarantees the secure, consistent and compliant implementation of individual business processes with confidential items, as well as other sensitive documents. SINA Workflow plays a part right from the creation of a draft, and protects digital data throughout the document's life cycle, all the way to its elimination. In Hanover, secunet will be showing how easy this user-friendly system makes work processes when handling confidential documents. The development of SINA Workflow has received significant support from the German Federal Office for Information Security (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik, BSI).

Critical infrastructures, and non-critical IT
Critical infrastructures essentially require a high degree of protection, as they are directly dependent on IT-supported systems, and any failures or limitations may result in dramatic consequences for the economy and society. secunet has developed the "Security Infrastructure" solution specifically for operators of critical infrastructures, and this system can be used to reliably safeguard network zones. The approach is based on smart separation technologies, which are equally able to serve the contradictory requirements of supply isolation and networking, effectively warding off cyber attacks, espionage and sabotage. Components from the tried and tested SINA product family are used in "Security Infrastructure" in order to safeguard network areas.

Smart border control
The secunet easykiosk, which will be introduced for the first time at CeBIT, reliably automates the most time-intensive steps in the border control process for travellers from third countries: passengers provide the required data themselves in advance at a self-service terminal, in a very quick process. The journey in and out becomes more efficient and the same level of security is maintained, whilst the process is more pleasant for travellers and easier for border control staff.

The interoperability of electronic documents and corresponding scanners is essential for enabling more than 500 million electronic passports already issued worldwide, to be checked at international borders. Electronic travel documents and the associated scanners can be reliably tested in accordance with the established test standards with the secunet GlobalTester.

The secunet IDkit ultramobile suitcase solution enables identities to be determined regardless of location and time. As well as use at the border, it is also possible to register refugees, to conduct fingerprinting and photographing processes in operational areas, and VISA applications outside diplomatic missions. All the necessary components are integrated in the secunet IDkit, in the form of an integrated passport reader, fingerprint scanner, facial camera and signature pad.

Secure authentication for web services
The rising trend towards web and cloud applications results in a multitude of portal technologies and protocols. The secunet protect4use solution achieves user-friendly and secure authentication for web-based services, such as web or customer portals, regardless of browser, platform, operating system and protocol.  This flexible solution enables secure multi-factor login, while the user retains complete control and authority over his own identity data. The option of signing and encrypting data as required is what truly sets this patent-pending solution apart.

secunet at CeBIT 2017 – Hall 6, Stand J30
Alongside the key subject areas mentioned, secunet will be presenting a comprehensive portfolio in Hanover. This includes additional services and trustworthy solutions for security authorities, public utility providers, military organisations and authorities, and operators of critical infrastructures.

secunet experts will again be giving presentations at CeBIT 2017

Monday, March 20, 2-2:30pm, CeBIT Business Security Stage: "Automatisierter IT-Grundschutz - Methode zur Tool-gestützten Umsetzung des IT-Grundschutzes" ("Automated basic IT protection – a method for tool-supported implementation of basic IT protection") – Dr. Johannes Merkle

Tuesday, March 21, 3:40-4pm, CeBIT Business Security Stage: "Zukunftsweisende Authentisierungslösung gegen Identitätsklau" ("A future-focused authentication solution to protect against identity theft"), with a LIVE demo – Gregor Boeckeler

Wednesday, March 22, 11:30am-midday, CeBIT Security Plaza: "Prinzipien vertrauenswürdiger IT-Informationsprozesse für hohe Compliance- und Vertraulichkeitsziele" ("Principles of trustworthy IT information processes for meeting high compliance and confidentiality targets") – Jörg Kebbedies

Thursday, March 23, 1-1:30pm, CeBIT Security Plaza: "Mobiler Identitätsclient – ultramobile Identitätsfeststellung auf Basis von secunet biomiddle und einem Android Smartphone" ("Mobile identity client – ultramobile identity detection based on secunet biomiddle and an Android smartphone") – Thomas P. Schäfer