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secunet at CeBIT 2016: Reliable IT security Made in Germany

[Essen, 10 March 2016] secunet is showcasing IT security Made in Germany at CeBIT 2016, with the tried and tested SINA range of crypto-products in the spotlight. secunet will be introducing three new SINA components in Hanover: the two VPN gateways SINA L3 Box S 200M and the SINA L3 Box S R 50M feature significantly improved encryption performance, and the prototype of the SINA L2 Box H gives a preview of the completely re-developed, high-capacity ethernet encryptor. Other solutions presented range from secure mobile works, to classified processing through to early warning systems and backup measures for area-wide network infrastructures.

The new SINA L2 Box
SINA L2 Boxes encrypt data connections at network layer 2 and are well-suited to the fast and secure transfer of large quantities of data. They offer a very high level of security and full performance with minimal latency. The prototype of the new SINA L2 Box H 1G 27A offers for transmitting information up to the GEHEIM ("SECRET") classification level a data throughput of 1 Gbit/s and should be available in Q4 2016 with the necessary approval.

Working securely on the go
The SINA Workstation and SINA Tablet feature high flexibility and productivity, whilst also offering a high level of security. This is achieved by the combination of several coordinated security mechanisms: first-grade and high-quality hard disk encryption, smartcard-based authentication and IPsec VPN are just three of these. In many federal agencies, having a workplace that is both advanced and secure has already become standard, giving users the freedom to benefit from the advantages of digitisation, with VS-NfD approval.

SINA Solid
When used as a VPN, the SINA L3 boxes provide extensive protection against attacks on the confidentiality, availability and integrity of transmitted data. The new SINA SOLID feature in the SINA L3 Box S will significantly reduce administrative expenditure for large and complex networks. The solution provides a dynamic VPN network, which automatically both configures the connection between the individual network nodes and independently responds to changes to the network. All security features of the IPsec and SINA are fully preserved, with additional significantly performance enhancement.

Collaborative classified processing
SINA Workflow offers secure and consistent processing of classified documents, and a mapping of digital business processes that is entirely compliant with security rules for classified information. SINA Workflow is active right from the design stage and keeps data secure during its entire lifespan, right through to its destruction. This makes secunet the only provider that meets all the requirements of the security rules for classified information. In recent years, the solution has been further developed in close collaboration with national and international agencies into a mature product, aligned to market requirements. At CeBIT, visitors can see for themselves the advantages digital classified processing can offer.

Protection for critical infrastructure
The German IT Security Act means that operators of critical infrastructure must take appropriate technical and organisational precautions to ensure their infrastructure remains functional. secunet uses an integrated IT security approach to enable protected (mobile) remote access to sensitive IT areas, such as process control and automation systems. It also allows secure connections between networks that are protected against tampering, and implements reliable protective systems. Workable security concepts form the necessary basis for this, so that cyber attacks can be effectively fended off and critical systems remain available.

Unlimited secure access to the Internet
secunet safe surfer provides secure and convenient access to the Internet at work. The upstream protective system means the professional user only receives a screen view in their browser, without a direct connection to the Internet. The screen view is created on central surf servers, that act as "victim systems" separate from the internal network and ensure that malware programmes do not gain access to the user's PC or to the internal network. An integrated data lock enables files to be transferred securely from downloads into the internal network and prevents unauthorised uploads and unintended data leaks.

Recognise dangers before they arise with spotuation
Together with the start-up company finally safe (, secunet is presenting new technology for cyber-defence in large networks that works on the basis of intelligent threat detection. Using spotuation as an early warning system means users never lose track of the security situation of a company, while complying with data protection. Companies are therefore in a position to detect gaps in their own network, to tackle them and to continually measure the changes against a comprehensive data set. This means they can act independently as far as possible to better secure their networks, and have constant access to a current picture of the security situation.

secunet at CeBIT: Hall 6, stand G30.
Alongside the main topics, secunet will also present a comprehensive portfolio. This includes: Services and Solutions for all Key Public Infrastructure, Network Security, Security Concepts and Information Management Systems following IT Grundschutz and ISO 27001, Awareness and Managed Security Services.

Presentations and Live Hackings
secunet experts will again give presentations at CeBIT 2016 and perform live hackings. All presentations will be held in German.
secumedia Business Security Forum (Hall 6):
Tuesday, 09:10-09:40: Process Network – Live Hacking
Tuesday, 09:40-10:00: SINA secures KRITIS: secure in strictly separated networks with just one device
Wednesday, 11:00-11:20: SINA SOLID – Next Generation VPN: Stability through self-organisation
Heise Security Plaza (Hall 6):
Tuesday, 10:00-10:30: SINA SOLID – Next Generation VPN: Stability through self-organisation
Wednesday, 12:30-13:00: secunet safe surfer – unlimited, safe and convenient on the Internet