secunet at CeBIT 2012: Sophisticated solutions for corporate and government IT security

[Essen, 27 February 2012] Managing Trust – in keeping with CeBIT 2012's main theme, secunet is exhibiting high-quality corporate and government IT security and IT high security solutions. The new SINA BusinessBook, for example, offers optimum security for users accessing sensitive information on the move or from home. The authega authentication service provides secure online access to web-based applications, specialist processes and eGovernment portals. secunet will be exhibiting its solutions and products on stand B36, in Hall 12 at CeBIT.

SINA BusinessBook
Espionage and sabotage are just some of the real threats facing authorities and businesses in everyday life. Attackers set their sights on mobile communications users in particular, because mobile devices offer more points for attack than workstation computers, for example. This is why mobile systems need special protection. The new SINA BusinessBook (SINA = Secure-Inter-Network-Architecture) offers the maximum possible information protection for users who want convenient, efficient and secure access to sensitive data on the move or from home. Smartcard-based user authentication, strict separation of work environments through virtual reality technology, a fully encrypted file system and an IPsec- (Internet Protocol Security) based VPN client ensure maximum security. The SINA BusinessBook has the same parentage as the SINA workstation, which has already been used for several years in the high-security sector.

High-security solutions made in Germany
The SINA workstation is the most important member of the SINA product family, allowing protected processing, storage and transmission of classified and sensitive information. Geared to the requirements of authorities, the whole SINA portfolio covers clients, gateways, line encryption and centrally-managed component control. A new concept – SINA Workflow – for keeping of classified data records in accordance with regulations – will be introduced at CeBIT.

authega - secure access to online portals and to the cloud
The authega authentication service guarantees secure online access to any web-based applications, specialist processes and e-Government portals. Authorities and businesses can securely identify users with authega: this is an essential prerequisite for issuing users with personalised information or accepting applications. At the same time, users can totally rely on their data being transmitted securely and handled confidentially. The authentication solution can also be used to protect access to the cloud.

Data security awareness
Even the best technology cannot do its protection work if employees use it incorrectly, do not use it at all, or handle information thoughtlessly. secunet offers awareness-raising programmes and helps businesses educate and train their employees to become security-conscious and responsible data managers. More than 44,000 people have already taken part in secunet's awareness-raising measures. Visit stand B36 in Hall 12 to find out how businesses and authorities can implement their own awareness campaigns with secunet.