PITS Conference dominated by the Stuxnet worm

[Berlin, 6 October 2010] The PITS (Public IT Security) Conference in Berlin opened its doors today under the motto “Security in virtualized worlds” and the Stuxnet worm was of course a major topic. “Stuxnet is the first known attack of such quality,” reported Dr. Rainer Baumgart, CEO of secunet, in his speech on digital identities. Dr. Baumgart also called for joint action from politics, administration and businesses to ensure effective protection against attacks from the virtual world in the future. He called upon businesses in particular to invest more heavily in IT security.

Dr. Baumgart went on to explain that “Stuxnet clearly shows that today’s determined attackers spare no effort or costs in order to achieve their goals. We must realize that only state-of-the-art security solutions can withstand such attacks.” According to Dr. Baumgart, products and solutions that protect vulnerable infrastructures – such as high-security areas of the German Armed Forces and authorities, for example – have existed for years.
secunet is an IT security partner of the German federal government and has been developing sophisticated IT security and high-security solutions for over ten years.