No security risks from ShellShock for secunet products

The Unix shell bash security vulnerability ShellShock, which has recently become known, has not only caused uncertainty on the market and in the media.

secunet's product portfolio has also been checked for the security vulnerability and been deemed secure. The SINA product portfolio with the SINA workstation, SINA tablet, as well as the SINA L3 and L2 Box are not affected by ShellShock. This is because a conscious decision was made not to integrate a shell into these products in order to reduce the area for attack.

Only the SINA Management makes use of RedHat-Enterprise-Linux-System and the integrated bash shell. As the SINA Management is operated in a separate secure environment, the system is fully protected by this separation. The same applies for the management of secunet wall. However, it is still advisable to install the corresponding updates at short notice.

Updates for the bash shell are available online:

For any questions, customers can contact secunet customer support as usual. Telephone: +49 (0) 201 54 54 – 1520, e-Mail: support(at)

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