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Highly secure edge cloud infrastructure: secunet receives EU project funding

As part of a project funded by the EU and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection, secunet, Germany's leading cybersecurity company, is working with partners to develop highly secure and automatically networked edge cloud infrastructure modules. These edge cloud nodes can be implemented decentrally at energy generation plants such as wind turbines and thus operated in an energy-efficient manner. Connected to other nodes, they then form large computing networks. The project will run until the end of 2026, reducing dependence on non-EU technologies and thus contributing to Germany's and Europe's digital sovereignty.
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The EU has launched the IPCEI-CIS programme to initiate the development of an (edge) cloud infrastructure. IPCEI stands for "Important Project of Common European Interest", CIS for "Cloud Infrastructure and Services". The funding and the framework for cooperation with partners at European level make it much easier to develop solutions and products in this area. More than 100 companies and research organisations from 12 EU member states are involved.

"The demand for highly secure edge cloud solutions is growing," says Dr Kai Martius, Chief Technology Officer at secunet. "Distributed infrastructures can provide computing power flexibly and in a particularly resource-efficient manner, especially if the nodes are located at power generation locations and can also be networked via mobile communications with the future 6G standard. However, it will be important that the solutions are easy to implement, scalable and interoperable. We will develop such solutions as part of the IPCEI-CIS project and then turn them into mature, industrially manufacturable products."

As these edge cloud infrastructures are particularly relevant for use in critical infrastructures and are intended to process data that is very sensitive, there are high security requirements. secunet can build on its decades of experience as an IT security partner of the Federal Republic of Germany in this context: Sophisticated cryptography and advanced virtualisation technologies will be used in the solutions to be developed. The company also has an open source-based, highly secure cloud platform and is currently gradually expanding its range of sovereign cloud solutions for authorities and companies with high security requirements, which will be optimally complemented by an edge cloud offering.

In the interests of verifiability and transparency, secunet will develop the edge cloud nodes on the basis of open source technologies and make the results of the project generally accessible in the form of open source building blocks.

secunet has already participated in several research projects in the past. For example, the company is currently leading a consortium that is developing and testing trustworthy 5G and 6G systems with regard to availability and resilience with funding from the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).