CeBIT 2011: secunet to showcase new and enhanced IT security solutions for companies and authorities

[Essen/Hannover, 17 February 2011] At CeBIT 2011, secunet will be presenting a wide spectrum of IT security products and solutions for authorities and companies including the new hardware platforms of the secunet SINA (Secure Inter-Network Architecture) product series, the secure authentication solution for e-government portals authega, and the secunet Connector for the De-Mail project.

Optimized processing, storage, and transfer of data with the highest level of confidentiality

The secunet SINA (Secure Inter-Network Architecture) product series will be presented on new particulate smaller hardware platforms. The encrypted data throughput of the new encryption devices has been significantly increased in comparison to the predecessors. The most powerful model is the SINA Box B 3 G at 3.000 MBit/s.

SINA CORE is a new hardware encryption system designed for use in high-security areas. It is used in the SINA Clients and SINA Boxes when data with the highest level of confidentiality is processed and transferred. SINA CORE is compared to the previous PEPP-Board system characterized by a high encrypted data throughput and is more flexible. New crypto algorithms can now be (re)loaded and a single SINA CORE module now supports three encryption device classes instead of just one, as was previously the case.

The SINA Layer 2 product series has been revised and new functions added: alongside point-to-point communication that had been possible until now, the encryption devices – that exchange data on the Layer 2 level – now also command point-to-multipoint and multipoint-to-multipoint communication. Thanks to the high encrypted data throughput rates of up to 10 Gbit/s, Layer 2 devices are suitable for secure data exchange between redundant data centers at different locations or for storage encryption scenarios, for example.

The SINA Virtual Workstation is a laptop all-in-one solution with a cryptographic file system, SINA VPN and interface control. The high demand for the approved product initiated secunet to take another premium laptop for sophisticated mobile users into the product range.

Data protection-compliant authentication service

For secure online access to administrative processes and e-government portals, secunet has developed the authega data protection-compliant authentication service together with the company mgm technology partners GmbH. authega is based on tried-and-tested processes that have been employed successfully over a number of years in projects such as the ELSTER electronic tax return system. The authentication service is primarily aimed at data center operators that want to offer their customers a solution for login authentication, authentication and signature of forms, as well as end-to-end encryption. Alongside the application in e-government, authega is also suitable for use in companies such as banks and insurance companies. authega is being used for the first time in Bavaria on behalf of the IT representative of the Bavarian government and together with the governmental project partners the Bavarian Tax Authority/DC North and the Bavarian Finance Office. Visitors at the secunet trade fair stand will discover how authega will safeguard access to Bavaria's new employee portal.

Highest level of protection for sensitive data across the entire company network

A further focal point of secunet's trade fair appearance is DLP (Data Loss Prevention) systems. They detect, monitor, and protect confidential data within companies – regardless of where they are stored or how they are used. A DLP solution is more than just data encryption, classic authorization management or copy protection. Through the intelligent combination of different security measures, the aim is to monitor all activities of data that has been deemed sensitive across the entire company network and, at the same time, the starting point for protecting the data from undesired access.

Secure VPN connection between companies and De-Mail providers

secunet's De-Mail Connector is a VPN gateway that establishes a secure VPN connection between companies or authorities and De-Mail providers. The De-Mail Connector is based on the tried-and-tested SINA high security technology and is suitable for power users who wish to send a large number of De-Mails. secunet offers two versions of the Connector: a small office version for companies with a small De-Mail volume and as a 19" rack version for companies and authorities with medium to large De-Mail volumes. In addition, secunet will also be providing information on De-Mail consulting, development, and certification services at CeBIT.

Flexible use of biometrics components

In biometrics or electronic identity document (e-ID) applications, secunet biomiddle allows the modular use of biometric system components and ID scanners. The use of standardized interfaces allows subcomponents to be exchanged easily. Additionally, secunet biomiddle communicates via a service-oriented interface with client applications and therefore operates independently of system platforms and programming languages. As a joint development from secunet and the German Federal Office for Information Security, secunet biomiddle is the preferred architecture for the use of biometrics in sovereign applications.

secunet will be presenting these and other solutions at CeBIT in Hannover from March 1 to 5, 2011, in hall 11, stand C46.