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BSI supports the digital processing of classified information with SINA Workflow

Digitisation promotes cooperation and facilitates collaboration. However, until recently, public authorities were not able to fully benefit from these advantages when dealing with classified information (CI), as the high security requirements could not be transferred to the digital world. For this reason, the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) developed the SINA Workflow solution together with secunet: where previously countless paper printouts and errands were necessary for the collaborative processing of CI, today SINA Workflow as a digital "classified information management system" makes this work considerably easier - up to and including the SECRET classification level. Authorities wishing to introduce the solution are supported within the framework of interdepartmental projects and can thus accelerate the implementation.

SINA Workflow makes it possible to create, register and manage classified documents completely digitally and to distribute them securely in accordance with the principle of "need to know". For each classified document in the system, the solution creates reliable evidence of which processing and administrative steps have been carried out with it. For users, this makes handling classified information faster, more efficient and more convenient.

In order to be able to use the potential of SINA Workflow, adaptations and extensions of the already existing VS processes in organisations are necessary. To make these changes easier for authorities, the BSI has already identified important action steps and challenges as part of an introduction project and supports authorities with their individual deployment scenarios. Current and planned introduction projects can thus be implemented more easily and quickly, as the BSI has already done some preliminary work. Moreover, in addition to the manufacturer secunet, the BSI is also available as a contact partner for SINA Workflow. This offer is now being taken up by more and more authorities. secunet supports public authorities that want to set up their own SINA Workflow instances with advice, design and installation services.

SINA Workflow closes a gap in digitisation in public administration that previously existed in CI processing. The need for the solution is evident in a number of current major projects at both national and EU level, in which larger SINA Workflow platforms for the secure distribution of CI up to and including SECRET/ SECRET UE/EU SECRET are also being used across departmental boundaries or even member states.

All services and product components can be accessed via the central SINA framework contract of the German Federal Ministry of the Interior's procurement office. SINA Workflow is the only fully comprehensive solution for digital classified document management including classified registry on the market that has BSI approval up to and including the SECRET level.