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Automated Border Control for Vilnius Airport

[Essen, Germany, 29 August 2019] The airport operator Lithuanian Airports has installed ten secunet easygates at Vilnius Airport which provide its passengers with a convenient, secure and fast border crossing experience. As a special feature, these eGates offer multiple biometric modalities that were integrated upon the customer’s request. This makes Lithuania the first country in Europe to install eGates which use both face and fingerprint recognition.

It took less than four weeks to install the innovative border control solution. Thanks to intelligent process management, fast throughput times have been achieved, despite the additional process steps. Aside from the eGates, secunet also provided the monitoring application for the border control personnel and implemented the connections to the requisite background systems. Vilnius Airport is now the 16th airport in Europe to use secunet easygates. Through the introduction of automated border control systems, Lithuania has also taken an important step towards the optimisation of passenger flows in preparation for the European Entry/Exit System (EES).

The installation at Vilnius International Airport consists of six eGates in the arrivals area and four eGates in the departures area. Once the on-site installation and assembly was completed, secunet conducted training courses and will be providing support and maintenance for three years. The secunet easygates can be flexibly extended to meet any future requirements and the appropriate monitoring application allows the border police to monitor several eGates concurrently from their workstation. Furthermore, the central server infrastructure, secunet easyserver, enables access to police background systems and to public key infrastructures with master lists in order to ensure secure verification and authentication of identity documents.

secunet easygates are efficient, provide maximum security and are internationally proven with more than 300 eGates in operation at various airports.