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A new milestone in standardisation for the document checking process

[Essen/Germany, December 13, 2017] A new Technical Guideline published by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) forms the basis for the interoperable management and parameterisation of document inspection systems. secunet is the first provider to implement the new BSI TR-03135-3 “High Level Document Check Interface Specification (HLDC)” Technical Guideline in border control products.

With the publication of the Technical Guideline “Machine Authentication of MRTDs for Public Sector Applications Part 3: High Level Document Check Interface Specification”, a further milestone has been reached in the standardisation of checking processes for sovereign electronic ID documents and global interoperability with document inspection systems.

Verification of eMRTDs (electronic Machine Readable Travel Documents) in accordance with TR-03135 requires a high number of individual steps, taking into account an array of testing sequences and special regulations for certain documents. How the results are processed and visualised also varies depending on the test application. This complexity in the document checking process poses significant challenges for the software applications used in inspection systems.

secunet has specified the new Technical Guideline on behalf of the BSI: with TR-03135-3, interfaces are made available that separate the document checking process and standards-compliant logging from the problem-specific processing and visualisation of the results, and thereby reduce the costs associated with integrating inspection applications.

Findings from various national and international projects have been used in the specification of the Technical Guideline, and as a result it is already considered proven in practice.

The Technical Guideline has already been implemented in various products for border control applications, and integrated into secunet biomiddle for example.

“The secunet product portfolio is high-quality and fit for the future. secunet has a pioneering role in the document checking segment, and – on behalf of the BSI – develops solutions that are also recognised as benchmarks at international level. This means that a reference implementation of the Technical Guideline has already been created in the form of the secunet biomiddle architecture,” commented Michael Schwaiger, Senior Product Manager in the secunet Division Homeland Security.