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Being secure on the net

Almost every company these days has a dedicated IT system, static and mobile PCs and a connection to the internet. The net has become a commercial and communications platform we can no longer imagine being without. Global networking is constantly increasing, regardless of the industry and size of company. However, this is also causing an increase in the risk of becoming the target of attacks from the internet via viruses and worms, or of being a victim of data theft. Industrial espionage is a particularly important subject in this regard and, although it keeps many companies busy, it is still often underestimated.

Unfortunately, investment is often only made in the construction of IT structures, with no consideration given to securing networks. For one thing, there is a shortage of security concepts in companies and, for another, they sometimes do not know exactly which holes even exist in their IT systems. Hence it is worth establishing a needs-based, comprehensive security management system and implementing suitable security technology to minimise the risks of attack from the internet.

Increasing your level of security

The use of mobile terminals requires specific security measures in particular. We can help you with the subject of Mobile Security from the very outset, providing needs-based enhancements in the form of basic services and increasing your level of security through central life cycle management.

Static and mobile data security and secure communication becomes possible using SINA Workstation The SINA Workstation is a client with an encrypted file system and IPSec-secured communication. A secure VPN tunnel enables you to communicate with connected secure networks or servers. The SINA Workstation is also available to companies in the free economy under the namen SINA Businessbook.

Secure, convenient web surfing from the workstation PC is made possible with secunet safesurfer This functions as an upstream protection system, being a Remote-Controlled Browser System (ReCoBS): the execution and display of active content is constantly kept remote by secunet safesurfer. The browser does not run on the workstation PC, but on a terminal server outside of the LAN, and is remotely controlled from the workstation. This means that only graphic information reaches the workstations.

secunet safesurfer

Secure Internet Access