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Secure email

It is hard to imagine doing without secure electronic email in the modern business world. Documents can be sent around the world in seconds without media transfer. When doing so, the information needs to be sent as securely and unalterably as possible, as with letter post. In order for electronic communication in everyday interactions to be secure, the five protection goals of IT security must be ensured where necessary: 

  • Trustworthiness
  • Integrity
  • Authenticity
  • Traceability
  • Availability

Various communication options are available for implementing these protection goals. Deciding whether to opt for one option or another generally depends on the protection requirement relevant to the specific business processes. In addition, other factors such as accessibility, easy of use and the ability to address the recipient may play a part in selecting the variant.


One such communication variant is De-Mail, a secure communication area for members of the public, businesses and authorities. De-Mail offers a number of benefits that “normal” email does not, such as:

  • verifiable identification of the communication partner
  • traceable communication
  • trustworthy communication
  • guaranteed delivery to the recipient’s inbox within a defined transmission period

De-Mail is much more than a pure email encryption solution: De-Mail does indeed offer integrated encryption but, in addition to trustworthiness, all the other protection goals for electronic mail are also implemented in a legally secure manner. Besides the post and mailing service itself, there is also the De-Ident service and a secure document repository (De-Safe).

Unlike De-Mail, an email encryption solution exclusively offers protection against unauthorised reading of email by third parties when sent via the internet. For many business processes, the “confidentiality” security target is a major requirement that can be delivered by various products and solutions.

Use of a Virtual Post Office is also available specifically for authorities.

E-Mail Encyption