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Single Sign-On and User Management

Identities and their authorisations are usually processed in various departments in the company, e.g. in Human Resources, IT or Plant Security. The consistency of the multiply created identities must therefore be ensured manually, which poses the risk of “dead” IDs and obsolete authorisations. In addition, employees joining and leaving the company as well as role changes cause costs and considerable effort, as do multiple issues of cards, USB tokens or passwords.

Manual user management is not only extremely cost-intensive. It also lacks user-friendliness and consumes enormous amounts of resources in your company.

The solution: an authorisation system with single sign-on

Setting up a user and access management system and introducing single sign-on (SSO) can help you make wiser use of your resources in the various departments. Identities are centrally entered along with the employee’s role only once in a main directory. All services that are needed then access this directory. Users identify themselves to all systems by using the same authentication medium, e.g. a smart card.

secunet is your strong partner

We support you in setting up the system with our many years of experience. We advise you with regard to all steps of the project and thus ensure that your project is implemented efficiently and professionally. Our main focus is on:

  • the choice of authentication media (smart card, token, etc.)
  • the integration of the applications, if required via SSO
  • the management system used as a basis, including the definition of administration processes. 

With secunet as your partner, you will be able to minimise your IT resources and sustainably lower costs.


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