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Advanced Backend Security

In order to effectively protect software and codes in the vehicle against manipulation, the corresponding lifecycle must be considered, in addition to the software itself. This means that all of the processes related to the software function which require protection must be covered by the safeguarding measures. This includes development and production as well as shops and service organisations. 

secunet has developed a security infrastructure in order to reliably protect the entire process chain with regard to the vehicle: Advanced Backend Security (ABSec) offers carmakers security services such as authentication, signing and encryption in application areas such as vehicle programming, function enabling and B2Vehicle communication. The so-called KeyCore is the heart of ABSec. It provides cryptographic services throughout the company and takes on the management of the key material used. 

ABSec is a cost-efficient, licence-based solution. OEMs no longer have to invest in their own developments. The system is modularly designed and can be adapted to suit any structure with any number of communication partners. The ABSec product is proven, and is already being used with success by OEMs. 

Your benefits

  • Security architecture which is a secure investment
  • High availability and durability
  • Interoperability and scalability
  • Cost-efficient maintenance


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