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Public Key Infrastructure

Secure, trustworthy communication on the internet

Administering users, identities and their authentication attributes is a subject of increasing significance in the electronic world. Certificate-based solutions can be used to authenticate users or technical components and to encrypt data and information. A public key infrastructure (PKI) is needed to generate, use and manage the certificates.

secunet is an experienced partner in building customised PKIs. At secunet, we have made a significant contribution to the development of every certification body accredited under the German Digital Signature Act and have been constantly developing our comprehensive expertise in more than 250 PKI projects of various magnitudes, including: the first trust centre in Germany for Deutsche Telekom AG; development of the multisign high-availability mass signature solution; support for a major provider of health insurance in Germany in the development of PKI for issuing the first electronic health insurance cards - to name just a few examples. With our support you can build and integrate a secure, efficient PKI solution of your own.

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SINA Certificate Management

secunet has developed SINA technology - Secure Inter-Network Architecture - in conjunction with the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). SINA enables secure processing, storage, transmission and verification of classified documents and sensitive data. SINA certificate management is based on a PKI and creates key pairs and certificates when issuing the smart cards. These keys and certificates are then used to securely authenticate SINA users or SINA components when establishing a connection using digital signatures.


High Security for Classified Documents
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