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SINA Workflow

The SINA Workflow system solution guarantees secure, thorough and compliant implementation of individual business processes involving classified information and other valuable documents. SINA Workflow comes into effect when drafts are being drawn up, protecting data throughout the entire lifetime to destruction. This modular system solutionalso supports the import and export of classified data and is prepared for exchanging classified data across all domains.

Initial situation and motivation

It was not previously possible to process electronic classified documents without media discontinuity. IT-supported classified registries only addressed the traditional, paper-based classified document world. This meant that, while it was possible to create classified documents by electronic means, it was only possible to collect them in the form of printouts because there were no approved electronic classified registries. In addition, there was a lack of a consistent cryptographically supported implementation of the "need to know" principle in classified information processing. Until now, the market has not offered any solutions that meet the requirements of the security rules for classified information. This means, for example, that approval and co-signatory processes (workflows) are almost all implemented through organisational measures. With SINA Workflow, there is now a reliable, thorough cryptographic solution for the first time.


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