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SINA Tablet S

The perfect combination of security, convenience and mobility

The modern workstation needs to be increasingly flexible. There are high expectations in terms of convenience, security and efficiency, all at the same time. But frequently convenience and productivity are significantly restricted by Internet usage provisions and the handling of data and documents - albeit that these are crucial to the necessary security.

With the SINA Tablet, you are ready to go, any time and anywhere - in the office, on a business trip, in the home office or in the conference room:

  • with an external monitor and large keyboard
  • in mobile mode with a plug-in keyboard
  • or in ultra-mobile mode with a touch screen.

You can have both security and convenience, online and offline, as you move at will around your trusted working environment. Connection to the office network means you always have access to all of your documents, so there is no need for time-consuming synchronisation of various devices.

All the advantages of the SINA Workstation and more

Being based on the tried and tested SINA Workstation, the SINA Tablet combines all the established applications for processing confidential information in compliance with encryption instructions:

  • 2-factor authentication
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • hard disk encryption
  • interface monitoring.

This ensures the usual highest possible level of security, with all the advantages of multi-level/multi-session functionality. Secured IP telephony and video conferencing (using Skype for Business, for example) are also available, of course. Furthermore, the SINA Tablet offers (multi-) touch support and a virtual touch keyboard for SINA OS and guest systems.

The SINA Tablet is compatible with SINA security infrastructure and so is ideally suited for adding to an existing network infrastructure. Use of Windows 8 enables seamless integration into Windows environments. The Windows infrastructure and Microsoft Office applications such as Outlook, Word, Excel and Powerpoint can be used as normal without restriction.

Light, versatile support medium for the SINA Workstation

SINA Tablets fully support the software version in the SINA Workstation 3.3.3. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 offers the power of a laptop in a light, versatile form with a 12" display, making it an excellent support medium for the SINA Workstation. Additional hardware platforms are currently being tested. The SINA Tablet S is based on a VS-NfD design. VS-NfD evaluation is carried out in tandem with the BSI during the course of development.

As the token for the SINA Tablet, the microSD card offers the highest possible protection for authentication, integrity protection and encryption in the most compact space. When inserted, the SINA USB adapter and card juts out just six millimetres from the tablet. Thanks to the large memory, even the SINA Workstation can be booted from it.

Work with security and convenience, but without restriction, in your usual working environment - with the SINA Tablet.


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