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As a VPN gateway, the SINA L3 Box is a core component of the central IT infrastructure in “Classified” level networks. On the one hand, it connects private networks belonging to public authorities or companies via public networks, the Internet in particular. On the other, access to (terminal) server areas by SINA clients is provided via SINA L3 Boxes – which serve as cryptographic network access points. The exchanged data is transmitted in so-called VPN tunnels either between SINA L3 Boxes only or between SINA clients and SINA L3 Boxes.

The holistic security concept of the SINA L3 Box comprises a secure (SINA Linux) system platform, smart card technology, IPSec-protected communication and scaled and configured hardware compliant with approval standards.

The SINA L3 Boxes are approved in various configurations for the transmission of classified material up to and including TOP SECRET (Germany), NATO SECRET (NATO) and SECRET UE (EU). 

SINA L3 Boxes are used, for example, to protect the IVBV and IVBB networks of the German Federal Administration or to ensure secure communication between all of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ German embassies and the central network nodes in Berlin and Bonn.

SINA SOLID – Award-Winning and Patented for VPN Networks

The unique SINA SOLID (Secure Overlay for IPsec Discovery) technology is a new feature of the SINA L3 Box and the successful outcome of years of research. SINA SOLID can automatically configure very large, flexible IPsec networks, thereby significantly increasing performance at the highest security level.

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SINA SOLID makes it possible to create a dynamic VPN network that automatically configures the connection between individual network nodes - all without affecting the security features of IPsec or SINA.

SINA SOLID also greatly reduces the administrative burden in large, complex networks, because the system can respond autonomously to changes in the network and manual intervention is no longer required.


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