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eGovernment-portals made secure with authega

secunet, together with its partner mgm technology partners, has developed the authentication service authega which is entirely compliant with data protection regulations. authega allows secure online-access to every web-based administrative application and eGovernment-portal. Public authorities and companies have the possibility to identify any applicant securely with the help of authega. This is an essential requirement for handling personal information and accepting applications online. Citizens and companies can rely on their data being securely transmitted and treated confidentially.

The IT representative of the Bavarian State Government and the Bavarian State Parliament decided to implement authega in cooperation with the Bavarian State Office for taxation, Computing Center North and the State Office of Finance, their governmental partners in the project. authega is used for securing the online-access of 350,000 civil servants and employees of the Bavarian public authorities to the new employee portal. As an established IT security platform, authega will manage secure access to confidential human resource matters such as travel expenses, salary statements or health insurance forms. In a second step, authega forms the access to Bavarian eGovernment portals for other user groups.

What makes authega special?  

  • authega has been established for years in the ELSTER process. Continuous development and the know-how gained about the systems and operation security guarantee practical and mature components.
  • Authega is designed as a central service for computing centers. For administrative applications, authega is an IT infrastructure component accessible through a web interface. Public authorities can easily integrate it into their applications without having to operate the component on their own.
  • authega is platform independent and flexible. On the users´side, the solution works independent from operating systems and browsers and it is barrier-free.
  • authega puts its main emphasis on data protection. It uses pseudonyms which can only be assigned to a person by encryption during the administrative procedure.

Depending on the security requirements, the access to the portal can be designed using keys and certificates on different levels of security, i. e. software, USB-cryptostick or signature cards. Additionally authega can be extended by electronic signature, end-to-endencryptions and for the use of the new identity documents.


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