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Secure Web Solutions

Trustworthy Internet Services for Citizens

All over the world, more and more national and regional agencies, authorities and offices can be reached on a 24/7 basis – without queues and opening hours. For example, citizens and companies can do their taxes via the Internet – whenever they want to and from anywhere they please. Visiting public offices via the Internet is not only convenient; it also reduces costs and increases efficiency in all areas of public administration.

However, such online services only prove to be successful if they are easy to use for the citizen and if they are trustworthy. This means that all private information must be transmitted in an absolutely secure way. This is where we provide support: With secunet as your partner, you build secure and user-friendly portals.

Benefit from the know-how and experience drawn from numerous public administration projects. For example, we have provided support for the entire German ELSTER (electronic tax declaration) project from the very beginning in all matters relating to security. Together with the German tax authorities in Bavaria, we developed a user-friendly and highly secure portal for taxpayers.

Security for all stakeholders

Public authorities offering electronic services must be able to absolutely and securely identify anybody using such services before providing any personal information or accepting any declarations, applications, requests, etc. in the user’s name. The citizen or the company on the “other end of the line” must feel confident that their data is transmitted securely and treated confidentially.

Integration of authentication, encryption and electronic signature into web applications by means of certificate-based methods should be easy and lean in terms of implementation as well as simple and automated to the maximum degree possible in terms of usage. This is exactly what you can expect from our solution modules. State-of-the-art SOA architectures and consistent usage of international standards ensure flexibility and are safe for the future.

Overview of our services:

  • End-to-end support for the entire project
  • Consulting and analysis of all relevant security technologies
  • Complete implementation of the security architecture including the application of security media such as smart cards and other hardware security modules
  • Solution for identity protection and identity management
  • Roll-out of the solution
  • Services after roll-out


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Security for the electronic tax declaration ELSTER


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