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secunet netkonnektor: Basis for Secure Online Communication

secunet offers technologies for the reliable protection of confidential medical data, their transmission and the data-environment. Based on the high security solution SINA, secunet developed a groundbreaking security-platform for the public health sector. The “secunet konnektor powered by SINA” is tailored to the particular needs of the health sector. 

As a part of the infrastructure of the electronic health-card, the connector links the software systems of doctors’ offices, pharmacies and hospitals with the telematics-network. At the same time, it contacts the health-card and the healthcare professional-ID. A connector consists of a network-connector and a corresponding application-connector which sets up the connection to the software used.

Through a firewall, the secunet konnektor protects the application-connector from attacks from the local and the public network, and it allows secure transmission of the data. It is the first net-connector meeting all requirements set by gematik, the German organisation for telematics-applications of the electronic health-card, for primary systems in the local network. For this reason, gematik gave its approval for the online-use of the secunet konnektor in the official test-regions for the electronic health-card. During this application-scenario, the secunet konnektor successfully passed yet another practice-test of the online capacity of the eHealth-card.

secunet netkonnektor convinces with excellent features

  • Interoperability with Cisco, Juniper, and Nortel
  • Gematik-compliance: approval for ProOnline VSDD [Services regarding Master data of the insured], Online and offline rollout
  • Stable manual and / or automated update-procedure with rollback functionality

    • Securing and recovering configurations via management-interfaces
    • Automatic installation

  • Key material on a smartcard
  • More than 500 tunnels available
  • Permanent configuration and protocol memory
  • Web service-interface for configuration

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