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E-Health made by secunet

Customised IT security solutions for the public health sector

IT-security plays a very important role in the public health sector, because we are dealing with highly sensitive data of doctors and their patients.

The introduction of the electronic health-card and the process of connecting all participants of the public health sector open new opportunities for the realisation of work-processes without media transfer and for the development of new online-services for the insured, doctors and health insurance agencies. Based on the new telematics-infrastructure, patients’ data can be exchanged electronically, processes can be quickened, and personalised information services can be created. This saves costs and, at the same time, provides higher quality in patient care. The realisation of this complies with high legal requirements for data protection, auditing acceptability, and reliability of the technology.

secunet is a project-partner for the introduction of the electronic health-card and provides its “secunet konnektor powered by SINA” which serves as an important link between the service-provider and the telematics-infrastructure and as such secures all connections via the Internet and, in this process, protects the network of the medical service-providers and the transfer of insurance-data from attacks.

For many years, secunet has been implementing customised IT security solutions in the public health sector, both nationwide and internationally. We combine excellent know-how and knowledge of the legal framework with our expertise in IT security and planning reliability. secunet supports you in considering minimum legal requirements, in complying with standards and in creating sustainable and user-optimised solutions.

secunet netzkonnektor

Reliably encrypts Personal Data in the Healthcare Network


Customised, highly secure and long-term established IT security solutions made by secunet allow for new methods and applications in the public health sector.

secunet supports you in planning, designing and implementing security solutions such as

  • Consulting for processes and technology for the introduction of the electronic health-card
  • Providing secure systems and applications for health-telematics: „secunet netkonnektor“, highly secure access networks, smart-card solutions for existing IT-systems, card-management solutions and Public Key Infrastructures, Identity Management, etc.
  • Customised solutions and unalterable, legally binding set up of processes (Social Security Code, SVRV (German Act for Accounting in Social Security Agencies), SRVwV (General Administrative Regulation for Accounting in Social Security Agencies), SigG (German Signature Act))
  • Set up of secure infrastructures for portals
  • Establishment and certification of security management processes for cost units and service-providers according to ISO17799
  • Security concepts according to recommendations of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)
  • Evaluation of products and systems according to Common Criteria (CC)
  • Implementation of service-oriented architectures (SOA)


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