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Security Test for a highSecurity Level

Security testing

You can determine the security level in your IT infrastructure by running a security test. This means you can implement measures targeted at vulnerabilities and develop an efficient, customised security framework. However, IT security can only be guaranteed for the long term if it is regularly tested and adapted, so that faulty configurations and new vulnerabilities can be detected in good time and removed. secunet experts act as “pentesters” or “ethical hackers” to determine the current status of your IT landscape for you, check the implementation of your security policy via audits and expose any security holes, thus identifying any effective security measures.

The Key to a successful IT Company

Continuing development of innovative products and services is the key to a successful IT company. Conformity to national and international standards is a strategic success factor for security-related IT products and systems. Appropriate certificates are central criteria for order assignments, tendering or official approvals. secunet operates an independent test centre that is approved by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for carrying out technical conformity tests.

Accredited Test Lab for IT-Conformity

Security-relevant proving of the suitability of products or systems