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Secure Documentsby Electronic Signatures

Legally secure documents without using paper - thanks to electronic signatures

Paper is still used in many business and administration processes. Obligation and legal compliance are traditionally documented in black and white. However, electronic signatures enable proof to be substantiated without using paper at all, yet with the same level of obligation and legality. Processes designed to avoid media transfer through the use of electronic signatures are more efficient, faster and more cost-effective. With secunet multisign, signatures are issued as part of an automatic background process that conforms with data protection law and involves no effort on the part of staff. Simple, transparent and trustworthy.   

Access to secunet multisign is regulated via existing authentication processes (e.g. SAP permissions, Microsoft AD). Furthermore, secunet offers the authega platform for authentication to conform with data protection law.

Electronic Verification

Users and systems must be clearly identified in trustworthy, electronic processes. Certificates as electronic ID are state of the art these days. Not only are they used in the context of issuing signatures and for authentication, but in data and information encryption as well. secunet offers advice and support in developing a suitable public key infrastructure, so that certificates can be issued, administered and used efficiently. Increasingly, besides proof of authenticity, proof of timely transmission of data and information is important. The secunet multisign time stamp server offers the option of securely linking the current time to the electronic data or information. Depending on the formal requirement, a format up to a legally guaranteed, compliant proof of adherence to terms can be created.

secunet multisign