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IT Security for public authoritiesis a matter of trust

IT security for authorities is more than just a matter of confidence

Secure public administration networks

A wide range of processes and tasks in administration these days are supported by IT, based on information technology that functions and secure information infrastructures. The growing threat to such infrastructures from cyber crime means that guaranteeing security in cyber space and protecting critical information infrastructures have become vitally important tasks. The Federal Republic has responded to this in part with a cyber security strategy, which includes setting up a National Cyber Defence Centre and National Cyber Security Council.

secunet is ideal to be entrusted with these special requirements, plus the specific public administration processes and systems for communities and Federal and national authorities. Not least, our expertise is based on years of successful collaboration with the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). Among other things, secunet has acted as a service provider, guiding and advising the Data Security Competence Centre for the BundOnline2005 initiative and numerous Federal Government e-Government projects. Our IT security specialists use this experience every day in every customer project. The IT security partnership, in operation with the Federal German Government since 2004, is an expression of the special trust placed in our specialists’ expertise.

secunet provides authorities with tailor-made solutions and comprehensive experience

secunet e-Government solutions are noted for the use of open standards and interfaces, making them flexible and, at the same time, highly compatible. Besides adequate security, this is the best prerequisite for securely yet comprehensively exploiting the benefits and opportunities of networked administration. 

Our range of services and solutions for authorities includes:

  • Development of IT security management systems for creating and maintaining the required level of security
  • Sensitisation and awareness campaigns
  • Development of IT security concepts in accordance with ISO 27001 on basic IT protection principles (BSI-Standards 100-1 to 100-3) and contingency planning in accordance with BSI standard 100-4
  • Solutions for guarding against cyber crime (safe surfer)
  • Achieving an appropriate level of protection for particularly sensitive data (SINA) including secure workflow (SWF)
  • Planning and delivering security infrastructures such as the Virtual Mail Room, electronic signatures or complex trust centres in accordance with the German Digital Signature Act
  • Authentication solutions for intranet and internet applications in eGovernment (authega)
  • Planning and delivery of complex solutions for secure identification of communication partners (ELSTER)

Secure Internet Access


Evaluation Lab for IT Conformity

Security-relevant proving of the suitability of products or systems