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IT Securityof Cyber Space

Cyber security

Cyber security extends the area of traditional IT security to the whole of cyber space. This includes the internet and information technology used in similar networks, plus communication, applications, processes and information processing based on these. Every company that is active in cyber space these days has sensitive data, such as that from the research and development department or confidential personal data. A great number of companies have already been the target of attacks from the internet, and attackers are continually finding new strategies to penetrate networks. However, there are numerous other potential risks of data loss: a lost laptop, an email sent to the wrong address either inadvertently or deliberately, or confidential data on a public network. 

Hence practically all modern information and communication technology is subject to the activities in cyber space. Almost all IT activities of commercial relevance take place in cyber space, as the majority of networks and installations are equipped with modern information technology. Protection systems must therefore be high performance and always kept fully up to date in order to meet their preventative data protection and data security purpose. There are numerous secure data technology tools available, depending on the relevant need and specific protection purpose.

Customised Security Solutions

With SINA products (Secure Inter-Network Architecture) from secunet, which were developed on behalf of The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), secure processing, storage, transmission and verification of classified documents and sensitive data is guaranteed, based on cryptographic processes.

Modern Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions provide security for particularly sensitive data and long-term maintenance of an adequate level of security.

Managed Security Services means outsourcing IT security. In the hands of our experts, you will be constantly protected against the most recent attack methods and technologies, for a transparent and calculable cost.


High Security for Classified Documents - Made in Germany