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Data Encryptionusing Cryptographic Processes

Encryption systems

Information protection is an absolute necessity in the age of electronic communication. One of the most secure methods of protecting information is data encryption using a strong cryptographic process. The development of such encryption solutions – right up to security architectures such as SINA – is one of secunet’s core competences. 

secunet encryption systems consist of hardware and software components, standard processes and in-house developed cryptographic solutions. These complex encryption methods enable classified documents and similarly sensitive data to be secured through every phase of their life cycle. 

Whatever the protection requirement or classification level, whether for an authority or a company, you will find the right solution for your needs. SINA components can be implemented depending on the actual scale and configuration required, right up to the highest confidentiality level, “TOP SECRET”.

SINA (Secure Inter-Network Architecture) enables: 

  • secure processing - online and offline, client-server and thin client-terminal server-based
  • secure storage, on remote servers and in the local encrypted file system
  • secure transfer, on network layers 2 and 3
  • and secure verification of classified documents and other sensitive data.

The portfolio includes various SINA clients, gateways and line encryptors. With its comprehensive architecture approach, SINA is an intelligent and, above all, comprehensive solution for almost every sensitive data protection requirement. 

Crypto based Solutions

Cryptographic processes can be used in a vast range of applications besides securing communication (e.g. accessing web portals for authorities and banks, data transfers in the health sector or industry).

The use of Hardware Security Modules (HSM) ensures security and speed during encryption, electronic signing and assuring the integrity or authenticity of data. Data secured in this way is optimally protected, because even the computer on which the cryptography is executed and the necessary keys are protected by sealed housing, an intrusion alarm system and special cabling. 

Hardware security modules are also applicable to certificate-based solutions, where certificates are used to authenticate users or technical components and to sign and encrypt data and information. A public key infrastructure (PKI) is needed to generate and manage the certificates. There are various operating and solution variants available depending on the area of use, the security requirements and the size of the company - from the “small” Microsoft Windows or Linux-based PKI, to complex trust centre operating environments that demonstrably meet the high technical and legal requirements of the Digital Signature Act. 


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