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Cloud Security

Security and data protection in Cloud computing

Cloud computing can be an ideal way to reduce IT costs and simultaneously increase the availability of IT services. Cloud providers can use servers and systems more efficiently and so create opportunities for their customers to make savings by reducing software licence, operating and energy costs.

However, using Cloud solutions also has specific implications for IT security and data protection. It must be ensured at all times that no unauthorised persons can access information stored in the Cloud. Important aspects in doing so are reliable access controls through identity and permission management and strong encryption.

Secure Authentication and Encryption

The most secure and economical method of protecting information - including in the Cloud - is data encryption. The development of encryption solutions up to complex security architectures such as SINA is one of the core competencies at secunet. secunet offers customised services and solutions, tailored to the specific requirements of a business or authority.


authega is a solution for secure authentication in, for example, intranet and internet applications. Developed from ELSTER technology (German electronic tax return), authega enables access to any system procedure, employee portal or data in the Cloud - in a timely, secure manner that complies with data protection law.


Secure Access to eGovernment-portals


E-Mail Encryption