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secunet snort: An Effective Protection against Network Attacks

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) are nowadays indispensable for the security of networks and attack analyses. secunet offers you a proven trustworthy and scalable IDS/IPS solution for securing networks. secunet snort. As an example, it reliably secures several networks of public authorities.

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) are an essential addition to the IT security infrastructure; they provide an overview of all processes in the network and foil or analyse attacks wherever possible. One of the best known IDS applications is the open source tool snort, which has established itself as the de facto standard on the market. Based on it, secunet has developed an IDS/IPS solution which allows you to considerably minimise the risk of attacks and sustainably improve the security of your organisation. secunet snort

  • is user-friendly at most,
  • a modular system for a wide variety of applications and
  • a proven trustworthy solution.  

secunet snort provides you with a set of “ready-to-use” features and defaults, e. g. the autoreport function on attacks and rule violations. The solution also allows you to include individual configurations: your own settings and reports can be added to the system without any difficulty.

Intrusion Prevention System or Intrusion Detection System? With secunet snort the choice is yours

secunet snort Intrusion Prevention System

The secunet snort Intrusion Prevention System (secunet snort IPS) was specially developed for monitoring internal network gateways. It is usually installed inline at the level layer 2 in bridging mode. This guarantees simple and transparent installation upstream of the internal systems – without time-consuming and cost-intensive modifications. If the system detects attacks and threats to the systems under its protection, these attacks and threats are blocked automatically and filtered out of the data flow.

secunet snort Intrusion Detection System

Availability and performance cannot be compromised for attack detection. In sniffing mode, the secunet snort Intrusion Detection System (secunet snort IDS) is transparent and listens in on the network and reads all the data. It compares the content of the packets against characteristic patterns of well-known attacks. If the system detects an attack, an alarm can be triggered and the network packets can be logged for subsequent analysis or for the purpose of securing evidence.

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