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Network Access Control

Employees’ workstations may be a great weakness in a company network. Missing service packs, incorrect configuration or patches can make a single PC a risk to the entire IT infrastructure. In addition, devices used by members of staff in the field, private components or attackers’ computers which gain access to the network via WLAN are a threat to the security of company data.

A network access control solution removes this risk by setting up a closed system. The end device is not granted access to the company network until it is ensured that it has all the required patches, configurations and protective signatures. 

Network access control includes permanent workstations, laptops and servers inside as well as outside the company network. The policies which each end device must adhere to are defined individually and can be extended as required if, for instance, new patches or updates are included.

secunet supports you in the choice of an appropriate network access control technology. Our many years of experience in setting up and protecting networks guarantee comprehensive and individual consulting. We work together with various manufacturers and can thus choose a solution which suits your requirements. Existing infrastructures as well as the specific policies in your company are taken into account.

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