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Managed Security Services

IT Security Outsourcing – In Expert Hands

  • Ongoing protection against the latest attack methods and attack technologies
  • Manageable and transparent costs
  • Use of your resources for your core business

IT security is dynamic

Technologies are subject to continuous further development –- this applies to IT systems in companies as well. Attackers keep developing new technologies in order to get access to networks. Protection systems must therefore be kept up to date so that they can fulfil their intended purpose. In addition, system errors must be fixed and alarm messages evaluated.

Ongoing maintenance and updates of the systems incur additional high costs in companies. As a result of the growing complexity of the IT infrastructure, companies are barely able to provide the necessary budgets for maintaining an appropriate security level.

We keep your protection systems constantly up to date

Entrust us with the maintenance and operation of your security systems. Whether you need firewalls, proxies, web application firewalls, virtual private networks, antivirus or antispam protection, content filters, intrusion detection or authentication – our offering in the area of Managed Security Services is modularly structured to suit your specific requirements and ensures optimum cost transparency for you: Simply select the required services from our service portfolio; You determine the type and scope of those services as well as the costs. We relieve you of the burden of high and often unforeseeable operational costs and at the same time guarantee maximum security at the highest level.

Benefit from our Managed Security Services

Cost transparency and cost efficiency

The secunet experts take care of the ongoing operation and maintenance of your security systems. This allows you and your staff to focus entirely on your core business.

Access to expert know-how

Benefit from the comprehensive expertise of our specialists. Fast access to our know-how is particularly valuable in the case of ad hoc measures against new types of threats and attacks and when you need well-founded recommendations for the further development of your existing security systems. Our staff are always apace with the latest technology and can thus respond with speed and efficacy.

Policy-compliant operation

Each company has its own information security policies. Compliance with these can be a very complex challenge. When managing your systems, our experts observe and implement your specific security policies. In the event of change requests, our specialists evaluate the security relevance and suggest alternative solutions in critical cases.

Consideration of legal ramifications

Legal aspects must also be taken into account in the operation of security systems. For lack of knowledge of the pertinent legislation, companies may quickly end up in legal grey areas, particularly as far as the processing of personal data and e-mail is concerned.

It is our business to know all legal details and help you to ensure compliance in processing and protecting your data and information.

Individual service level agreements

You buy exactly what you need, no more and no less. Simply select from our modular service portfolio and choose the most suitable service levels – after all, you know best what your company needs. Of course, we would be pleased to assist you with the experience we have gained in a great amount of projects.

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